About us Janshriya Corporate & Welfare Nidhi Ltd.

Janshriya Corporate & Welfare Nidhi Ltd. is incorporated on this Twenty eighth day of march Twothousand seventeen under the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013 ) and that the company is limited by shares.The corporate Identity Number of the company is U74999BR2017NPL034129.The Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the company is AADCJ9326N *

Janshriya Microfinance Service as anorganization was set-up in 2017 and started functioning in the year 2019. It is a financial holding company. Janshriya Microfinance Services will help you to identify the best of what’s available in the finance market. We work on Membership basis wherein a person becomes a Help member after which only he can avail the services. The Company offers a range of loans, that is Group loan and Member Loan. It also include other services like micro loan, Daily Deposit Loan, personal loan, festive loans etc. Whatever your financial needs or desires, we are happy to offer you cutting edge financial advice that could transform your life or your business.

Our focus is reaching out to unbanked and provide financial services to the peoples who belongs to the economicallyand socially deprived section of the society. Our responsibilities are not restricted merely to financial support but also to acquaint the clients to manage their financials by disseminating Financial Literacy to them. We have equal respect for all the customer there is no discrimination on the basis of big and small peoples, In Janshriya Microfinance we fulfill the demand of every Indian, Janshriya aspires to create value and balanced growth for all its stakeholders while keeping clients at the centre.

Main Objective

To promote mitigate poverty of India by carrying on microfinance activities through Members and Self Help Groups with the object of welfare and promoting the development and economic well being of urban and rural poor people. To support the efforts of villages, community based-organizations, self-help groups and service organization in building assets for disadvantaged people and providing resources for their livelihood without having to sacrifice their self respect, to partner with the public sector in its statutory and services functions and to support the establishment of board-based locally rooted private sector, which honors its social and environmental obligations.

Our Vision

Janshriya microfinance has a social vision and we focus on developing and implementing finance strategies and instruments to crowd-in private sector, enhancing access to suitable financial services. Our aims to provide underprivileged people with Economic Opportunities to transform the quality of their lives.

  • At, Janshriya Microfinance services we focus on our Vision and living our values every day.
  • To be the most respected and referred financial services brand.
  • Our clients’ needs are always our No. 1 priority. Our company will definitely satisfy the clients. We provide world-class service.
  • The Finance staff work closely with all areas to carry out its core mission.